ZMI Optistore
Zmi Optistore Compressor 250
ZMI Optistore Compressor



Tech Level




Known Price Range

-> 2,055$ (Wolf-Reiser)
-> 2,576$ (Pan)

The ZMI Optistore is a cargo compressor that increases a ship's available cargo space by 15%.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The ZMI Optistore packs the cargo using standard ZMI-Compression, which is also used for data compression.


The ZMI Optistore uses its ZMI compression to rearrange the contents of a ship's cargo bay so that more space is available. In practice, this means that it adds 15% of a ship's base cargo space to its total. For example, if a ship has 100t of cargo, the addition of a ZMI Optistore increases it to 115t available. The effects of compressors are additive: two increase space to 130t, three to 145t, and so on.

The price of the ZMI Optistore is very accesible to new players, but its 15% compression only gives a taste of what more powerful compressors will do.


  • The description for the Autopacker 2 states that early versions of this compressor were "prone to destroying goods". There is no such mechanic within the game that destroys goods from equipping a compressor.Though the version we see could be a newer version as it said the early versions were prone to destroying goods.


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