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Rate of Fire

900 ms




27500 Cr.


Twin photon cannon. A gun with a long range and high effectiveness. But, like all, photon weapons, a long charging time.


- The Xenon is the fastest photon cannon but the weakest in terms of damage per hit

- Xenon is the 54th element on the periodic table it's represented by the letters "Xe"

- Photon cannons are best used as long range snipers due to their excellent range and high damage but these traits can be difficult to take advantage of. If you do struggle to hit enemies from a distance practice predicting and tracking your enemies as more likely than not you will be dealing with fighters but thanks to the range and damage you can damage or destroy enemy fighters before they can get within attacking range of course be sure to bring another weapon like a laser, plasma or thermo another tactic you can take advantage of  is the temporary stunning effect from missiles use this to make it easier to hit fighters (and deal lots of damage). Photon cannons shine during capture missions and are extremely useful during captures because the long range will allow you to destroy the turrets without being fired at just manuver carefully so you don't get within the firing range of  the cruiser and remember to deal with the fighter escorts, Other missions where photons are useful are escort missions and frieghter interceptions where you can use the to defend (frieghter escort) or attack (frieghter intercept)  from a safe distance also photons can be used to support wingmen if you have any

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