Vossk Organs
Commodity vossk organs 250
Vossk Organs



Tech Level


Known Price Range

-> 18,170$ (Pescal Inartu)
-> 26,946$ (Aquila)

Loma Price

-> 27,299$

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 22,302$ (Pan)
-> 24,585$ (Aquila)

Vossk Organs are a very rare commodity in Galaxy on Fire 2. They are usually worth around $25,000 per ton.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Whether or not you want to cook a tasty dish, or study them for research purposes, Vossk organs aren't readily available and you will usually have to search long and hard for them.


  • Vossk organs are the most valuable commodity in the entire game.
  • They are extremely rare, perhaps the only commodity rarer then this is Buskat, being even more elusive.
  • Trading Vossk organs between systems can be highly profitable, since they sell at about 27,000$ per ton. Or if you have the new Supernova update: $32,000 per ton. [citation needed]
  • It appears to be a Vossk heart.
  • Although these seem expensive and give a lot of money, it is better to hunt for weapons and equipment, since 11 Hiroto Ultrascans would earn you more than 1 million credits.
  • Vossk Organs are NOT the most expensive lootable resource, for there are hundreds of primary weapons that are much more expensive than this.
    • The most expensive lootable item is the L'ksaar.
      • DLC items can rarely be looted, with the DLC installed.