IMG 0464

A Vossk Missile Ship.

There is very little, almost nothing, known about this ship, even the name. The title is merely a guess at what it may be. This ship is seen on missions that are fought against the Vossk in Galaxy On Fire 3D. They do not fly away unless aproach upon which they will jet away leaving long green trails behind. They also do not use lasers, but only missiles.

It is an enemy in GOF1 as well. They will be a threat without a shield as the missiles are homing. The missiles do great damage and are quite fast, so you have to encircle it while firing to be safe, and it's better not to engage one without additional protection.

In GOF1, the passenger mission requires you to fly across Vossk territory to safety, within a time limit. All one has to do is get to the end, so it is not required to fight and destroy all of the ships. One thing one can do if you have only a minute or so left is to destroy all the regular fighters, but circumnavigate the missile ships and use a boost to get past them quickly, as they are somewhat slower than your ship.


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