Vossk Empire
The Vossk Empire's emblem

Government Type



Terran Federation, Voids


Pirates (formerly)

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A typical Vossk station

Vossk Hangar

Vossk Hangar

Vossk Lounge

Vossk Space Lounge


Vossk Empire's flagship fighter, the H'Soc

The Vossk Empire is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Vossk.

Station DesignEdit

Vossk stations, similar to their ships, are mostly green and black and sleek in design. They usually look like giant mushrooms with a large "cap" on top and cone below it with four "legs" sticking out. There seem to be two levels on docking zones, larger one on top and smaller one on bottom. It appears to be the only faction with nonvarying stations. Interestingly, all Vossk stations look the same, unlike the other 3 factions, which have a variety of station designs.


Ships of Vossk manufacture tend to have stronger armor than most other ships, but at the cost of only average weaponry and decreased manuverability. Vossk ships tend to be more insectoid/crustacean-like in appearance. For example, the N'tirrk looks like the abdomen of a katydid. Vossk ships always have a green and black color scheme.

The Vossk are suspicious of other species, and thus restrict the sale of Vossk-manufactured weapons, ships, and equipment to other races. At first, the only Vossk ship pilotable by other species was their standard fighter, the H'Soc. In the Valkyrie add-on, the Vossk expanded their range of ships to outsiders to include the heavy fighter, the K'Suukk; and the "ultimate" ship, the S'Kanarr. The Supernova update added in the N'Tirrk, and is available to all players, regardless of any add-ons purchased. When players purchase the Supernova add-on, the Na'srrk is also available for purchase.


In the 36th century, the Vossk Empire fought a war with the Terran Federation which became known as the Terran-Vossk War. The war was a result of Terran expansionism and conflicting ideologies between the Vossk and Terrans. The war was eventually setteled Even in the 37th century, violent conflicts arise whenever Vossk fleets meet with Terran fleets. Terran fleets are often seen attacking Vossk ships and freighters in their territory, and vice-versa.

During the Void Threat, the Terrans and Vossk made an uneasy truce to defeat the Voids. The Vossk supplied a K'Surr freighter to transport the explosives needed to obliterate the Void Mothership. It was piloted by Erkkt Uggut, a veteran Vossk pilot, and escorted by Keith T. Maxwell, a Terran mercenary working for Deep Science. Thanks, to their combined efforts, they were able to to put a halt to the Void attacks. Unfortunately, this cost Commander Uggut's life.

During the colonization of the Shroud Nebula, the Vossk sent some of their commanders to colonize it.

When the Neox Sector was discovered, the Vossk colonized it in order to plunder its natural resources, as its demand for resources was always high due to constant wars. At first, their fleets were spread thin across the Neox, but they were able to defend the territories they had fiercly. When their colonies and outposts were secured, the Vossk sent in reinforcements.

During the Shattering, a huge portion of the Vossk fleet in Neox was destroyed, with many government officals being killed in the explosion.

Politics SituationEdit

The Vossk Empire's main adversary is the Terran Federation, whose ideologies and expansionism they despise. The Vossk also share an uneasy history with the Nivelians, a former ally of the Terrans. At one point the Vossks allied with Pirates in the Terran-Vossk War


The Vossk Empire is highly patriarchal; males scramble for positions of political influence while females are left behind. It is known that the Vossk are organized into numerous clans, and each clan represents a separate Spawn Pool. However, all Vossk clans are collectively ruled by the Emperor, who has exclusive privileges over all Spawn Pools. As a Vossk rises in rank, they will gain increased influence over the Spawn Pools of their clan and of others. Despite such priveleges, most Emperors last only a few hours before being dissolved into royal jelly due to increased murders and conspiracies, especially when so much is at stake.

The Vossk are a highly militarized species. The Vossk see the military as one of the most respectable positions to take. Vossk warriors are fiercely loyal to the Emperor, and are willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause. The Vossk also have respect, though not as much, for their scientists and engineers, who keep their empire's military running. At the bottom of Vossk society are slaves, drones, and outcasts, who are regarded as vermin by their uppers.

The Vossk highly value bravery and courage, and cowardice is rewarded with shame. When an individual displays any sign of weakness, the only way to redeem themselves is with a death trial.

The Vossk are known to use their youth on suicide missions, and their infertiles as cannon fodder.

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