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A Vossk from GOF1

Alliances-character 2

Vossk as seen in Galaxy on Fire Alliances


Vossks have cone-shaped heads, four red eyes (possibly pink), blue skin and pointy ears. Vossk are the most physically strong of all species in GOF 1 and 2, and are said to be crustacean in nature. A Vossk alone can beat any Terran or Nivelian at an arm wrestling contest, though this can be mitigated by the use of Implants. Most Vossk are enemies of the Terran and Nivelian, but sometimes Keith meets traitorous Vossk in the Space Lounge that have joined the Mido Confederation.


A typical Vossk


Vossks are generally loyal to their emperor. They also seem to be divided into different clans. Vossk are known to negotiate with members of the Terran at rare times, under supervision or permission from their government or emperor. A famous Vossk pilot known as Erkkt Uggut with the aid of Keith T. Maxwell helped to cease the Void Threat while sacrificing his life.


Vossks once fought a war with the Terrans. This is known as the Terran-Vossk War. This war began when tensions began rising between Terrans and Vossk. It is said the Vossk began the war by leading small attacks on Terran space stations and military bases, stealing expensive goods. The Terran-Vossk War is beginning to come to an end due to both factions working together to defeat the Voids.

Throughout GOF 1 and 2, the Vossks and Terrans have been enemies with each other.


The Vossk use a very distinctive language. The most striking feature of their lingo is the duplication of certain letters within most of their words. Here are some examples of Vossk terms and their translation:

  • H'Belam - "father"
  • K'yuul - "drilling"
  • N'saan - "little stab"
  • S'koonn - "fist"
  • Sh'gaal - "scar"
  • T'yol - "forehead"
  • T'yool - "Vossk sexual organs"
  • Gr'gath - "Hate"


  • Vossk females are usually hidden from other species. Sh'Gaal is a notable exception.
  • Vossks are ultra-conservative and autocratic, thus despising Terrans' liberalism and democracy.
  • Vossks have a high tolerance to alcohol, thus they are known for their strong alcoholic beverages.
  • Vossk society and culture somewhat resembles that of the Klingons from Star Trek - both of these are warrior races that believe in honor over their lives, and they are both aggressive toward humans.
  • A few of the Vossk words (like Nim'rrod, a Vossk system) are merely English words with an apostrophe.

Notable VosskEdit


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