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Void Space

Void Space is the only known system of space that the Voids live in. It used to have a Station/Mothership in orbit of the planet, but it was destroyed by Keith Maxwell at the end of the normal storyline. And at the end of the Valkyrie Add-on, the Valkyrie Station becomes stuck in Void Space. Void Crystals and Void Essence can be mined from the asteroids in this system. And even though the mothership was destroyed you can still find several VoidX roaming around. This system does not appear on the map but you can access it through use of the Khador Drive.


  • This is the only system where Void Crystals and Void Essence can be mined.
  • The Void home planet appears to be covered with what seems to be highly advanced Void "cities".
  • The system's star may represent a White Dwarf. It is supported by the fact that White Dwarfs have a similar size and appearance to their star.



Galaxy on fire 2 Mini tutorial-How to go to the void01:25

Galaxy on fire 2 Mini tutorial-How to go to the void

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