Void Essence
Core void essence 250
Void Essence


Ore core

Tech Level


Known Price Range

-> 4,750$ (V'ikka)
-> 5,247$ (Aquila)


The bright, vibrant core of an asteroid from the Void world. This will definitely fetch a high price on the open market.



  • This is the core of the unique asteroids only found in the Void world, as the description states. These are the highest-priced asteroid cores in the base game.
  • (DLC)One of the best way to mine them is to get a Rhino, outfit it with an automatic turret and a transfusion beam (i.e. Pandora Leech), have a good drill like Gunant's Drill and jump to the Void world and mine. The near-infinite shield you have thanks to the transfusion beam can keep you alive, albeit for some time. For extra backup you could hire wingmen. They should keep the Voids off your back for some time. Also you should launch some T'Suum turrets.
  • Another cheaper but much less efficient way is to run through class A asteroids with a tractor beam. Void essence will occasionally remain intact after the destruction of a asteroid and the beam will pick it up. Note that this method is not consider as mining for the medals.
  • It is one of the most expensive core in the game, equaled by Novanium Core. However, in terms of effort and profits, Void essence is more profitable as it is possible to mine a lot more class A asteroids in one trip in Void space than in Naneroh.
  • Having a good cloaking device like Yin Co. Shadow Ninja and a great ship like VoidX helps too. Remember to have more than 30t Energy Cells if mining more than 2 asteroids and using a cloaking device.
  • Mining and selling the core is a good and fun way to earn money in the game.


  • Strangely this is Tech Level 3 but this is required for the Disruptor Laser and the advanced technology of the Voids.
  • This is the only ore core not to have the name "core".
  • If you bring Netor more than one one Void Crystal, he will only return one of them for you to begin the construction of the Disruptor Laser.

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