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Cargo hold


Primary weapons


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In-Game Description

This Void fighter was immobilized and transported intact to Thynome, where it was modified for human pilots. No information has ever been released about what happened to the original pilot.

Upgraded Stats

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 490 1,623,180 3,246,360
Handling 175 1,623,180 3,246,360
Equipment 16 3,246,360 6,492,720
Cargo 60 2,434,770 4,869,540

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge.


This is the only ship that the Voids use. It is only available for purchase after all gold medals (not including medals for Supernova) have been unlocked. This ship has the closest firing arc out of any ship, with all primary weapons concentrated at the front and center of the ship's body. This allows for more accurate targeting of primary weapons than other ships. A major issue of the ship is its bad amount of cargo space, making it unsuitable for trading. This can be corrected with the Kaamo +30 cargo space upgrade, and for example 3 Rhoda Black Holes, giving it 240t - a more acceptable trading hold. A purple luminous line surrounds this ship.

Though this ship has been outclassed by the ships released in the supernova add-on in terms of armour, equipment, weapons etc. But still it has the highest handling of all Ultimate ships, giving it an edge over other ships such as the Bloodstar or the Teneta R.E.D. or the Specter.


  • The model that the player can pilot only has one purple engine functioning, whereas the model used by the Voids has 3 blue engines (Full HD/iOS HD)
  • The VoidX has the closest shot radius of any fighter.
  • It is one of the ships that is sold at a certain location (Thynome).
  • It has numerous alien markings in its underside.
  • The VoidX shares similar airfoil desing to the Kinzer, Kinzer RS,Dark Angel and Scimitar.  
  • It is the best armorwise ship you can get before Supernova.
  • It bears a resemblance to Zeratul's Void Seeker from Starcraft 2.


  • When using Polytron Boost while having equipped Pulsed Plasma Thrust, your field of view will be turned 180°, while controls remain normal. This can make it really hard to fly to a certain point without autopilot. Confirmed on Full HD(OSX)(only when controlling ship with mouse) and HD(IOS). Though this bug applies for any ship with extremely good handling.
VoidX Bug

Screenshot taken when boosting


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