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Few pilots will ever get the chance to climb into the cockpit of a Veteran due to its prohibitive price. The expense is totally justified by the myriad arming and customization possibilities it offers.



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The Veteran is a ship of the Terran Federation. While the most expensive of the standard Terran fleet, its balanced capabilities actually make it one of the cheapest among ships and flagships of similar capability. Before the release of Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie, the Veteran was the only ultimate ship with the ability to mount a turret.


The Veteran is the cheapest ultimate ship. It has a lean and sleek look, similar to the SR 71 Blackbird, a decommissioned US recon plane, and follows the general Terran ship design and color scheme. Its three Primary Weapons are clumped together at the front of the ship, and thus quite accurate when striking their targets. The lack of a fourth primary weapon slot means that the Veteran cannot compete with the sheer force that is available on other ultimate ships, such as the Mantis, Aegir, Nemesis and the S'Kanarr. The Veteran handles only moderately well without modification or enhancement. Despite these flaws, the Veteran performs well, giving pilots a fast ship with lots of modules available. It is one of two pre-Supernova ultimate ships that can equip turrets. For this reason, a Veteran can be considered (by some) to be more well-rounded than the S'Kanarr or the Mantis.

In Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, the Veteran retains it's design from GoF2, it now recieves a new white paint job with an orange tint to the cockpit windows. The Veteran can now install 4 primary weapons instead of three but only one secondary weapon despite still having 4 weapon pods positioned under the wings. Players can obtain the Veteran by completing a special Neox Gladiators event organized by Mkkt Bkkt.


Attribute Upgraded Stat Cost
Armor Rating 200 → 240 995,360$
Cargo Space 110 → 140 1,493,040$
Equipment Slots 12 → 13 1,990,720$
Handling 92 → 112 995,360$

 K Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo Club space lounge.
Kaamo Club VIP card reduces upgrade costs by 50 percent.


  • The Veteran's front resembles that of a Y-Wing Fighter from Star Wars.
  • The Veteran is the only ultimate ship limited to 3 primary weapons. It does, however, have a turret slot to counteract this, something that no other ultimate ship had before the S'Kanarr was released in Valkyrie.
  • A Veteran equipped with three primary weapons and an auto-turret (ex. HH-AT "Archimedes") is arguably better than ships with four primary weapons, due to the turret's ability to fight without much input of the player.
  • The Veteran bears a resemblance to the Mig-31 from the film Firefox
  • The empennage of the Veteran is similar to that of the SR-71 Blackbird
  • The Veteran costs $1,645,000 in the Android version.
  • This starship is used as the Terran's Mk II Interceptor in the game Galaxy on Fire: Alliances.
  • The Veteran can look like the YSS-1000 Sabre starfighter from Halo: Reach at certain angles. The four secondary weapon pods bear homage to the Sabre's two engine pods on its wings.
  • Despite its description saying that it is quite expensive, at some high-tech level stations, at least two Veterans can be seen in the security force.
  • Terran wingmen will occasionally pilot this ship
  • Unlike the Aegir and the Bloodstar, the Veteran's structural design in Galaxy on Fire 3 remained almost completely unchanged. It even retains it's three primary weapon slots (although they are no longer functional).