Not to be confused with GoF3D's Valkyrie, expansion pack, or station of the same name.

Valkyrie is a planet in the Her Jaza system. It is the center of most of the Valkyrie campaign's story, and is the only planet in the Her Jaza system that has a space station. However, this becomes untrue after Valkyrie is completed, as the Valkyrie station becomes stuck in Void Space until the Supernova DLC. The planet is controlled by a band of pirates led by Alice Paolini.


  • If you forget that the Valkyrie space station is gone and you have no energy cells, keep going through Valkyrie and Scion and kill the pirates; they may have energy cells.
  • Valkyrie and Scion are always surrounded by a orange haze.
  • In GoF3D, there's a planet named Valkyrie in the Kumeri System in the Terdan Quadrant.


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