Darkzov valkyrie hangar
Valkyrie teaser

The Valkyrie Faction was based on the Valkyrie Station in the Her Jaza system. The Faction is loyal to any other faction.Members

  • Alice Paolini - Leader, prone to mood swings, elder sister of Carla Paolini.
  • Cornelius Tenner - Second in command, does most of the work.
    (Cornelius was neurally transformed partly into a Void so that Alice could control the Voids. Deep Science is still figuring out how to reverse the process.)
  • Mekant Orskk - Deleted from list, but still helps.
    (Lives on B'akrram)
  • Taret Orskk - Lost an eye, Mekant's brother.
    (Lives on B'akrram)
  • Other Pirates - Seen during various missions.


  • Valkyrie - turns into a "battle-station" when going to fight the Deep-Science station in the Beidan system.



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