Ultracompact Compressor 250
Ultracompact Cargo Compressor



Tech Level




Known Price Range

-> 12,537$ (Prospero)
-> 14,992$ (Pan)

The Ultracompact is a cargo compressor that increases a ship's available cargo space.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This compression product works by dematerializing cargo at the molecular level. The skillful arranging of pairs of molecules produces quite a lot of extra space, but it can also lead to dangerous mutations. To prevent this happening, each Ultra Compact is equipped with a test module, which traps the more dangerous molecular arrangements.


By dematerializing cargo at the molecular level, the Ultracompact rearranges the contents of a ship's cargo bay to increase available cargo space. In practice, this means that it adds 40% of a ship's base cargo space to its total. For example, if a ship comes with 100t of space, the addition of an Ultracompact increases it to 140t. The effects of compressors are additive: two increase it to 180t, three to 220t, and so on.

The magnitude of compression the Ultracompact offers is worth the price jump from the cheaper compressors, and is more representative of the effects that even higher compressors can give.


  • Though the description states that its "dematerializing" method can lead to "dangerous mutations", there is no such mechanic within the game where equipping any compressor can corrupt or destroy a ship's cargo.


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