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Each faction in Galaxy on Fire 2 has at least 1 ultimate ship, these are considered to be the best ships in the GoF universe for reasons written below.



Terran Veteran

Pros: Armor, turret slot, and fair cargo space.

Cons: Only 3 primary weapons slots, could use better handling.

Terran - Phantom XT

Pros: 4 primary weapons, Great handling (150), Equipment slots (14), Nice armor (425), small design (makes it harder to hit and weapons are more centered, allowing it to not miss).

Cons: 1 secondary, expensive, must own Kaamo to buy and no turrets.

Terran - Groza MK II

Pros: 5 primary weapons (only ship to be so, providing probably highest DPS and DPH in game),

Well-balanced handling (122), Large cargo space(90), High armor (450).

Cons: 1 secondary, relatively poor equipment slots (11), expensive, must own Kaamo to buy and no turrets.

Terran- Ward- pros:primary weapons Fair armor, and good handling, small dimensions

cons:small cargo space


Terran - Teneta R.E.D.

Pros: Armor, turret slot, great manuverability, low price if compared to Bloodstar and Kinzer RS

Cons: Only 2 secondary weapons, must own Kaamo to buy, extremely expensive for new players

Terran - Dark Angel

Pros: Superior handling over Teneta R.E.D. or Bloodstar, 4 primary slots plus turret, same handling as Kinzer RS but with more cargo .

Cons: Only 2 secondary slots, one less equipment slot (14) than Kinzer RS, love it or not design , high purchase price



Vossk- S'Kanarr

Pros: Armor, 4 primary slots and a turret slot, high cargo (highest of the ultimate fighter ships)

Cons: Handling (use of a Pulsed Plasma Thrust is recommended), only 2 secondary slots, not too much equipment slots (11).


Vossk- Na'srrk

Pros: Good armor, 4 Primary slots, 4 secondary slots, Great handling, Good armor. Great for people who cannot afford the S'Kanarr or people who value handling.

Cons: Not too good cargo (70), No turret slots.



Nivelian- Aegir

Pros: 4 primary and secondary slots, one of the best looking ships, and cost efficient.

Cons: Low cargo space and armor, no turret.

Nivelian- Ghost

Pros: 4 primary slots, 14 equipment slots, looks pretty good, 530 armor, and good handling

Cons: Expensive, 2 secondary slots, no turrets, and low cargo space.

Nivelian- Kinzer RS

Pros: 4 primary slots, 15 equipment slots, 4 secondary slots, nice paintjob (GOLD), 420 armor, and 125 handling.

Cons: Very expensive, must own Kaamo to buy, no turrets, not much cargo space (65).


Nivelian - Specter

Pros: 4 primary, stealth integrated system, best looking, 800 armor, great handling, 16 equipment slots

Cons: Cost (30 Million credits on all difficulties), Low cargo space, no turret, 2 secondary weapons.

This is the ultimate ship that you'll get upon completing Supernova's medals in all the difficulties except extreme difficulty.



Midorian- Nuyang II

Pros: Good armor, cargo, and 4 primary slots, cheapest of the ultimate fighter ships.

Cons: Low number of equipment slots, handling, no turret.


Midorian - Berger Cross Special

Pros: Cargo, and 4 primary slots, 4 secondary slot, high armor (considering it is a custom ship), and 14 equipment slots, high handling

Cons: No turret, Must own Kaamo to buy.




Pros: Armor, 4 primary and secondary slots, equipment, and handling.

Cons: Low cargo space, no turret, somewhat ugly.


Pirate - Darkzov

Pros: Armor, 4 primary and secondary slots, equipment, turret, handling

Cons: 1 secondary weapon only, Must own Kaamo to buy, Expensive.



Void - VoidX

Pros: 5th armor available, 4 primary and secondary slots, 15 equipment slots, high handling.

Cons: No turret, Horrible cargo space (30t), expensive, difficult to unlock. Best ship in the base game, get gold in all medals to unlock

Deep ScienceEdit


Deep Science - Nemesis

Pros: Integrated Khador Drive (saves an equipment slot), 14 equipment slots, 4 primary weapons, good handling and armor.

Cons: High price (6.8m), no turret, only 1 secondary weapon.

note: all deep science ships are ultimate

Most WantedEdit


Most Wanted - Bloodstar

Pros: 4 primary weapons, 4 secondary weapons, 1 turret, 14 equipment slots, 180 cargo space, high armor. strongest ships if you are a fighter and have Rhoda Blackholes

Cons: Bad Handling, (Pulsed Plasma Thrust is recommended) expensive. And one needs to defeat Qyrr Myfft to get this ship. (tip: attack Qyrr Myfft from the bottom because he cannot fire at you).

note: all most wanted ships are ultimate

GoF 3DEdit

Galaxy on Fire 3D- Draaken

Pros: All types of weapons, large cargo space, heavy armor.

Cons: High price (125000 Cr.), low maneuverability.

Unique ShipsEdit


Pros: High armor and highest cargo capacity of any ship (Excluding the Rhino as that is only in the Supernova add-on). 

Cons: Basically useless in battle (No primary slots, horrible handling)


Pros: 2 secondary weapons, turret slot, highest armor and cargo in the game

Cons: extremely low handling, no primary weapons

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