U-tool cloak resized
U'tool Cloaking Device



Tech Level




Loading speed


Energy consumption


Price Range

-> 37,717$ (Her Jaza)
-> 47,367$ (Aquila)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 97.544$(S'kolptorr)
-> 102,570$(Ni'mrrod)

The U'tool is a Vossk cloaking device, allowing a ship to turn invisible for a brief period of time.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Vossk U'tool is a very powerful device. Rumor has it that each of them is connected to a central Vossk computer that can disable the unit remotely. Because of the uncertainty over the U'tool's security, the device is not as popular as the Terran-built Sight Suppressor series.


For one energy cell, a ship can turn invisible in two seconds and remain so for ten seconds. While invisible, no other pilots are able to track your ship, therefore stopping all fire towards you. Interestingly, though, enemies are still unable to track you despite being able to see the projectiles and muzzle flashes coming from your ship.

Its fast loading speed is ideal for the pilot who needs a little break from an intense firefight, and does not use cloaks very often. However, its low cloaking time and high price, compared to the Sight Suppressor II, may deter others from buying it. This is arguably the worst cloak in the game.

The Scimitar and Specter come pre-installed with a U'tool.

Despite being the least used cloak in the game, the Energy Cells consumption efficiency is the best when compare to other cloak in the game( 2000 ms loading and remain for 10s after to the average of 12s per cells , while Sight Suppressor II are 6500 ms and last for 20s while comsumming 2 Energy Cells per cloak to the average of 10s per cells[ this 6500ms of exposure make the ship take a moderate to citical damage to the shield and the hull in large dogfight, so it doesn't count], and lastly, Yin Co. Shadow Ninja consume 5 Energy Cells, with loading time of 3500 ms and last for 40s later with the average consumption of 8s per cells and 8.7s per cells if counted the loading time ).


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