Below is a list of the best weapons available for Galaxy on Fire 2 and all DLC packs.


Base Game
Valkyrie DLC
Supernova DLC
Auto-Cannon Mass Driver MD 10* Mass Driver MD 12  K 
Blaster Tyrfing Blaster Mimung Blaster  K 
Laser Berger Converge IV Disruptor Laser* Dark Matter Laser  K 
Beam Laser M6 A3 "Wolverine"* M6 A4 "Raccoon"  K 
Scatter Gun Icarus Heavy AS*
Thermo MaxHeat o20 SunFire o50
Ionizing Missle Ion Lambda MK2*
Mine Ksann'k, Neétha EMP
Missile Dephase EMP Patala  K 
Nuke AMR Extinctor* Liberator*
Rocket Dephase EMP
Sentry Gun T'Suum  K 
Shock Blast Shock Blast*
Manual Turret L'ksaar Matador TS
Auto-Turret HH-AT "Archimedes"*
  K  Must be purchased from Jakk Zoboon at Kaamo but can be purchased pre-Supernova

 *Produced from blueprints

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