Below is a list of the best equipment available for Galaxy on Fire 2 and all DLC packs, in terms of statistics.


Base Game
Valkyrie DLC
Supernova DLC
Armor T'yol*
Booster Me'al Polytron Boost
Cabin Large Cabin
Cloak Yin Co. Shadow Ninja*
Compressor Rhoda Blackhole*
Emergency System Emergency System
Gamma Shield Gamma Shield II*
Jump Drive Khador Drive*
Leech Beam Pandora Leech*
Mining Drill Gunant's Drill*
Plasma Collector PE Fusion H2


Repair Beam Nirai SPP-M50  K 
Repair Bot Ketar Repair Bot Ketar Repair Bot II
Scanner Hiroto Ultrascan
Shield Fluxed Matter Shield* Particle Shield*
Shield Injector Phoenix SIS*
Spectral Filter Spectral Filter Omega


Thruster Pulsed Plasma Thrust
Time Extender Rhoda Vortex
Tractor Beam AB-3 "Kingfisher" AB-4 "Octopus"

 K  Items only available from Jakk Zoboon at Kaamo station lounge. The Nirai SPP-M50 was originally introduced in the Supernova DLC, but now can be purchased without it. (The "Nirai SPP-M200" does not as yet exist in the game, but it is mentioned in the M50 description.)

 *These are produced from blueprints.

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