Toma Prakupy
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Most Wanted


Dead (if bounty collected)


Galaxy on Fire 2

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Toma Prakupy is the brother of the Terran freedom fighter Tamir Prakupy. The two brothers played an important role in the Mido revolution and supplied the rebels with, among others, gunships and blue prints. After the liberation of the Eanya system, however, the Prakupy brothers lured a weapons convoy into an ambush and stole all of the cargo. They carried out the attack together with a band of space pirates and didn't leave any survivors. Furthermore, rumor has it that Toma's brother Tamir is a Nivelian double agent, who turned his back on his former employers and joined the Mido Alliance as soon as he got his pay check.


  • Toma Prakupy is the first criminal on the Midorian Most Wanted board.
  • His bounty is 60,000$
  • He is the brother of Tamir Prakupy.

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