Thermic o5
Thermic o5



Tech Level




Loading Speed


Damage per second






Known Price Range

-> $7,638 (Behén)
-> 9,959$ (Ni'mrrod)

Loma Price


The Thermic o5 is an entry-level thermal fusion weapon with the unique ability to track targets.

Info Page DescriptionEdit

Thermal Fusion weapons are the latest craze. Some describe them as confetti spinners, others swear by them and never leave dock without them. The o5 is the basic model, so anyone interested in Thermal Fusion can find out if they can handle these powerful weapons.



Firing a thermal fusion weapon like any other weapon will fire its projectiles wildly, with a significant amount of deviation from the center. However, when a pilot locks onto a target, every projectile that has not depleted its energy will redirect to the target, similar to . In the SD version of the game, the Thermic o5 will fire these homing projectiles at about three per second, in bright, blue spheres with long tails, while the color of the projectiles is bright yellow in the HD version.


The Thermic o5 occupies one primary weapon slot on a ship. As with all weapons, multiples of it can be installed provided the player owns multiples and his or ship has enough slots to install them.

The Thermic o5's 1600 metre range makes it effective only in close-quarter combat. Its range and damage output is relatively similar to the Edo missile. Contrary to what the description implies, the ReHeat o10 may be a better starting point for pilots who want to "find out if they can handle these powerful weapons", as the jump in performance between the two models is steeper than between the ReHeat o10 and the MaxHeat o20.


  • The names of the Thermo weapons refer to some form of heat.
  • "Thermic" is a general term that refers to anything related to heat.


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