The Terran carrier is a ship in the add-on Supernova.


  • It is able to carry dozens of fighters and dropships.
  • Non-player controled, similar to the battle cruisers.
  • Close ups show that the carrier has at least 6 Large Hammerhead D2A2 Turrets as defense.
  • The turrets will fire at you if you are an enemy to them.
  • It is possible to find one outside of a mission, but it is rare - rarer than seeing a Terran or Vossk battlecruiser.
  • There is a line that says "lift off" at the front of the carrier, where the "control tower" is located


  • Health cannot go lower than 99%.
  • FISHLABS has stated that it is not a bug, but rather it would be a problem graphically when exploding.
  • Looks like the modern aircraft carriers of today.
  • There are six turrets.
  • The Manticore is a heavily modified version of the Terran Carrier.