Terran Battle Cruiser MK I
GoF Terran Battle cruiser Ulysses Red 01



Cargo Hold




This is a battle cruiser seen only in Galaxy on Fire 3D when flying into a station, and even then, very rarely. A prime example is the USS Ulysses. It bears the Terran emblem on the side of the ship and has a much sleeker more advanced design. There is a missile system as seen in picture 3 and a turret on the wings, seen in picture 7.

Though the vessel is one of the oldest ships within the Terran Space Fleet and is probably older than the Terran-Vossk War. This is highly likely because in Galaxy on Fire 3D, the ships although can be found in the game cinematics, the other Terran Battle Cruisers are the one we see in action on different missions. They are also the ones we see in Galaxy on Fire 2 defending Terran station attacking enemy ships once in range and are the ships that signify Terran dominance.

Due to the fact that the cruiser is seldom seen and cannot be found in game, very little is know about the

Battle cruiser MK 1 in terms of its strengths and weaknesses. And although the ship may have a more advanced or sleeker design, one cannot truly know how strong this vessel is or if it is as strong as the battle cruisers seen in Galaxy on Fire 2.


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