Kaamo Club

T'Suum Sentry Gun


Sentry Gun

Tech level




Loading speed


Damage per second






Known Price Range

-> 5,217$ (Eanya)
-> 5,405$ (Mido)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The prototype of a sentry-gun developed by the Vossk. It contains of a Sh'gaal blaster protected by a strong D'iol armor plating. The maximum number of operational units in the orbit is limited to three.


  • It is the most powerful sentry gun in GoF2 Supernova.
  • Interestingly, it can be bought without the Valkyrie/Supernova add-on (at the Kaamo Club), making it the only sentry gun to be able to be bought without the add-ons.
  • Trunt Harval uses the T'Suum against the player at the end of the Supernova storyline, though he only drops one at certain intervals.
  • Sometimes there is a glitch in the SD version that causes 4 energy cells to be used when deploying a T'suum, and the player cannot deploy more without having at least 4 energy cells in their cargo hold. It may be caused when travelling to a system without a jumpgate ie. Alda. (needs verification).
  • Despite the In-game description, with it high fire rate and greater range, lots of sucspicious players claim that the blaster intergrated into this sentry gun was actually the H'nookk blaster improved version since both the fire range and loading speed of the Sh'gaal blaster was actually worse than the H'nookk ( 1600m vs 1100m , 330 ms vs 430 ms and to the T'suum has Damage of 14, loading speed of 250 ms and the range of 1900 m when compare to both of the above blaster has damage of 9)


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