Some systems are not displayed on the galaxy map from the start. These systems must be unlocked before they are accessible. Some systems are automatically unlocked in the course of the storyline, others need to be actively unlocked by the player. This can be done by purchasing the coordinates of these systems from sellers in certain Space Lounges.

Here is a list of hidden systems in Galaxy on Fire 2:

Obtained in Price/
System Planet
Ni'mrrod n/a Nesla Aoéh 30,000$
Suteo n/a V'ikka P'errka 25,000$
Pan n/a S'kolptorr F'err 10,000$
Y'mirr ø n/a Vulpes Lopat 500,000$
Wolf-Reiser n/a Union Kappa Storyline
Loma  V  n/a n/a *
Her Jaza ø  V  Magnetar Kanado Storyline
Skavac ø  V  (varies) Storyline
Beidan ø  V  Skavac Nosdron
Ginoya  S  Wolf-Reiser Thynome Storyline
Talidor  S  Ginoya Tadram Storyline
Wah'norr S  K'ontrr B'akrram Storyline
Me'enkk  S  Pescal Inartu Maissa Storyline
Paréah  S  Nesla Genoh Storyline
Skor Terpa ø  S  Paréah Okana 5,000,000$
Alda ø  S  Me'enkk Kan'Tarr 8,000,000$

ø System not part of the Jumpgate network, reachable only via Khador Drive

  • Loma is unlocked immediately once the Valkyrie add-on is purchased.


  • Unlockable systems are useful due to the fact that their stations' shops often sell unique weapons, commodities, and blueprints.
  • Most of the Unlockable Systems have at least one station, which usually sells a blueprint.
  • Some of the Unlockable Systems do not have a station or a jumpgate.

See Systems (GOF2) for details.