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There are a total of 34 systems in the GOF2 galaxy, including Valkyrie and Supernova, of which only 23 are available in the base game. The number of planets in each system vary from 1 to 5.

This map shows all of the systems, the jumpgate network, and the areas controlled by each faction. The color of each system's sphere indicates what kind of plasma, if any, can be gathered there.

More detailed information about systems and their planets is available in the table below.

Table of SystemsEdit

System Security
Planet(s) Plasma
Terran Federation
Aquila Risky ¤Io Ombak8 · Dendra Ekta3 · Carme10 · Nepis7 · Tsoj Delev7 BLU
Augmenta Secure Kalun Amir8 · ¤Gome C1 · Nyrand6 · Alioth 6 · Damarque I5 PUR
Beidan  V  ø Secure Kothar10Ł
Buntta Average ¤Valadon3 · Ko-on5 · Epigome8 · Arpalys4 +  · Isonoma9 PUR
Magnetar Secure ¤Dis7 · Unotok2 · Zepar4 · Lon Nion4 · Kanado1 BLU
Pan  U  Risky ¤Decimus9 +  · Emisto9 · Binon10 · Coppolite8 · Taygete9 PUR
Pescal Inartu Risky ¤Festus7 +  · Dima4 · Fejar2 · Maissa2 · Sobotnik5 PUR
Prospero Risky ¤Kumppa1 · Teres4 · Plural Z8 · Marktesh7 · Urda Arcturius7 BLU
Union Average ¤Kappa5 · Suttnar2 · Tornard2 BLU
Vulpes Risky ¤Lopat7 · Inari Onu9 · Orcon4 · Sorox5 · Oni6 BLU
Wolf-Reiser  U  Secure ¤Thynome10 +  BLU
Vossk Empire
K'ontrr Dangerous B'akrram10 · E'kkide3 +  · ¤Makke S'ik9 · A'rk Oomk6 · Bak W'ok8 RED
Me'enkk  S  Dangerous Vu's6 · ¤Bor M'okk9 · Bak S'ondorr6 · Kan'Tarr8 RED
Ni'mrrod  U  Dangerous S'porrk3 · ¤Ukka N'ima2 · Ekrr U'rra1 · K'ane3 +  · Narsaxa3 RED
Oom'bak Average ¤Kkit S'ukk6 · L'ikirr6 +  BLU
S'kolptorr Risky ¤S'inokk5 · F'err10 · B'akka4 · B'errokk9 · Ga'kkrr6 RED
V'ikka Average ¤T'rry T'rry3 · N'arrki9 · Me'tokka7 · P'errka4 · Ma'rrkka4 PUR
Wah'norr  S  Dangerous M'Ankk6 · Va'lerrm9 +  · ¤O'muarkk6 · Bra'Murr8 RED
Y'mirr  U  ø Dangerous P'arrenkk10 · Rr'ostam10 +  · G'ukkion10 · Ba'rrtu9 · K'mirkk10 +  RED
Nivelian Republic
Behén Risky ¤Néhma6 · Neso Aehma4 · Duhnu6 +  · Néh Suhnu4 GRN
Paréah  S  Average Lan Manéh7 · ¤Katashán6 · Névan7 · Okana9 · Shelén9 +  GRN
Nesla Risky ¤Genoh10 · Hamina8 · Geséhn3 · Aoéh2 · Ahma Ésoh5 GRN
Suteo  U  Risky ¤Nehébru8 · Mahasa7 · Anesa10 · Géhlon9 +  · Posého10 PUR
Weymire Average ¤Éhna3 · Himo6 · Bosméh7 · Sahi8 · Siaméh1 GRN
Mido Confederation
Eanya Dangerous ¤Kallsta Omba5 +  · Euclades1 · Dekato9 · Psa Tori8 · Sao Noma8 GRN
Ginoya  S  Dangerous Naneroh4† · Valpatro5† · Luur5† · ¤Var Lupra3 · Tadram6 GRN
Mido ø Dangerous Deuter IV3 · Yrdal Gedal3 · Heinsten2 · Var Hastra2 +  · Kernstal3 GRN
Talidor  S  Dangerous Midantha4 · Tergalon4 · ¤Psa Leri5 · Merlur2 · Sao Laros6 GRN
(Officially Midorian, but run by pirates)
Loma  V  Dangerous ¤Var Destro10 +  · Quineros10 +  · Sao Perula10 +  GRN
Alda  S  ø Dangerous Merxde0 +  · Selbah0 + 
Her Jaza  V  ø Risky Valkyrie8Ł · Scion0
Shima Dangerous ¤Kaamo1    K  Changes to  Secure  GRN
Skavac  V  ø Dangerous Nosdron0 · Coromesk0
Skor Terpa  S  ø Dangerous Bervegor0 +  GRN


 U  Unlockable system revealed in the base game storyline or via purchase at a Space Lounge.
 V  /  S  Unlockable system revealed in Valkyrie / Supernova DLC.
ø System not part of the jumpgate network, reachable only via Khador Drive.
¤ Planet with jumpgate.
0 Planet has no Space Station at which ship health is restored, the game can be saved/resumed, etc.
1-10indicates Station tech level.
Station destroyed in the Supernova storyline.
Valkyrie Station leaves the planet in the Valkyrie storyline.
Ł Station has no Space Lounge
 +  /  +  Blueprint available for purchase at Space Lounge / via hacking debris.


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