The security of a system is determined by its security level, which can range from Secure to Dangerous.

  • Secure [Green]: The system is rarely or never attacked by pirates or faction enemies, unless it's part of a freelance or the storyline. The systems are never attacked are Shima, Wolf-Reiser and Beidan.
  • Average [Yellow]: The system is sometimes attacked by pirates and enemies.
  • Risky [Orange]: The system is often attacked by pirates and enemies.
  • Dangerous [Red]: The system is almost always attacked by pirates and enemies.

In an Average system, pirates attack in small groups, and in a Dangerous system, pirates attack in large groups. However, as your level increases and the difficulty you set, enemies attack more often and in big groups.


  • In the Mido System at the beggining of GOF2, pirates never attack the station, even though the system is marked as Dangerous (unless played on Extreme).
  • Only Augmenta, Magnetar, Wolf-Reiser, Beidan, and Shima are Secure but the last three are never attacked as no habitants are roaming around.
  • All Midorian systems are Dangerous.

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