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The Midorian Mining Plant

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The Pareah Prisms: Part 3

Midorian Mining Operation

Upon arrival at Var Lupra, Keith is amazed at the construction of the plasma array. Khador explains to him that the plasma array's platform is an outdated Midorian station. Every computer simulation of the plasma array points to the supernova's implosion.

Two of the Paréah prisms remain; the miners at Dekato and the Vossk have them. Keith decides to search the mining operation first, which is at Dekato in the nearby Eanya system.


Meanwhile, in the Nivelian sector...

The Nivelian reports to Harval that the Terrans and the Midorians are working together to construct a new form of technology to reverse the supernova. Harval has used the supernova to his full benefit so far, so he will put a stop to this with "extreme measures."

Back to Keith T. Maxwell...Edit

A Midorian industrialist greets Keith once he's at Dekato station. The industrialist has purchased the Paréah prism as a power source for the mining plant at Coromesk, in the Skavac system. Keith then makes a deal with him. He will help the company finish their last contract before the miners shut down their operations and give him the third prism.

At Coromesk, a Midorian miner tells Keith that he needs 140t Titanium before the prism can be uninstalled. He says that Keith can dock at the plant to drop off the Titanium. After all 140t have been gathered, the miner will transfer the third Paréah prism to Keith's ship. Keith then returns to Var Lupra to drop off the prism before jumping into Vossk territory.


  • Pirates will show up at Coromesk to raid the operation. Be prepared for unexpected, unwanted and uninvited "visitors."
  • You can use your cloak while mining.
  • You can keep any excess Titanium and Titanium Cores after this mission.
  • You can't enter Coromesk during this mission unless you equip a drill.
  • Keep an eye on the number of Energy Cells. If you have less than four, you will be stranded in the Skavac system.
    • If you have less than four energy cells, hunt pirates for them.
    • Deploying mines and sentry drones can help keep the pirates of one's back while one mines and when one transfers the titanium. It is dangerous when one transfers the titanium as you are left completely vulnerable so having a group of sentry drones helps out.
    • Installing a turret (if your ship has a slot) is a good idea because one can defend themselves while transfering the titanium to the mining station.

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