Another one bites the dust...

The Supernova Challenge is a gamemode in Galaxy on Fire 2 similar to the "Survival Mode" in Galaxy on Fire 3D. It came as part of the 1.1.6 update for all players, regardless if they bought the Supernova add-on or not.

In-Game Description (iOS)Edit

Fight against recurring waves of enemies and try to get the highest score within the time limit. Shoot down ships consecutively to get a combo bonus.

The challenge mode grants you an action-packed insight into the Supernova Add-On. When having iOS 6.0 or higher installed you can challenge friends after each try.

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Comparison with Galaxy on Fire 3D's Survival ModeEdit

Players who have played Galaxy on Fire 3D will appreciate the revitalized thrill in the simple shoot-'em-up mode. The objective remains to take down as many ships as possible, with a point and combo system to measure the player's markmanship skill. Enemies spawn infinitely, and their fire is concentrated on the player's ship, so survival is still important.

However, that is where the similarites end. Other than the change of scenery and ship to fly in, Luur and the Blue Fyre, respectively, the finer gameplay details has changed when comparing to Survival Mode. Weapon upgrades are absent, as the ship has a fixed armament. Also fixed are the ships that spawn infinitely; instead of randomized ships, they are instead a fleet of stealth fighters. With the addition of a two-minute time limit, additional focus is placed on gunning them down. When the two minutes is up (and gamma shield runs out), the ship's Khador Drive activates, ending the challenge.

Battle SetupEdit


  • Interestingly, the stealth fighters encountered here do not cloak, unlike those seen within the Supernova campaign.
  • To players who have not purchased the Supernova add-on, this game mode can be seen as a sort of advertisement for it.
  • It is remotely impossible to have all ships destroyed at once.