SunFire o50
SunFire o50 Thermal Fusion Gun  V 



Tech Level




Loading speed


Damage per second






Known Price Range

-> 155,963$ Suteo
-> 183,413$ Wolf-Reiser

 The SunFire o50 is a primary weapon. Its the most powerful and final addition to the Thermal Fusion weapon family in GOF2.  With a powerful 41.66 DPS and an incredibly fast firing rate of 120ms in addition to lock-on homing projectiles, this weapon is a great addition in any arsenal. With four of these on your ship, you can eliminate anyone.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

During the development of the SunFire o50, the hydrogen reactions observed in the photosphere of stars was used as a model. Through the temporary creation of an extremely strong magnetic field, the resulting electromagnetic radiation can be bundled into enormous kinetic energy. In other words: this weapon is hot!


This is currently the highest-level and best Thermal-Fusion weapon in the game. It only appears in shops after the player has purchased the Valkyrie add-on. The bullets have, like the other Thermal-Fusion weapons, a homing capability and shoot towards whatever you're targeting.

When you also have the 1.8 second lock time from the Hiroto Proscan or the Hiroto Ultrascan it can be one of the most deadly weapons in short to mid range due to the high rate of fire and tracking of projectiles.

If you got the Supernova update, the AI becomes stronger, thereby making this weapon very hard to use.

Warning: Unless target lock is achieved, this weapon is useless for anything other than point-blank battles.


  • The Sunfire o50 makes an autocannon-like sound as it fires. 
  • The design is a huge leap from the previous thermo weapons.
  • It's the successor of MaxHeat o20.
  • It is possible, but hard, to target lock after the projectiles have been shot, and have them all converge on an enemy at once.


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