Stolen Goods is a freelance mission available in Galaxy on Fire 2.


You will find a person in the space lounge who tells you that goods have been hijacked or somebody has been kidnapped and held on one of any number of pirates. He will ask you to go to a station and hunt them down. Then, using EMP weapons, such as rockets and EMP blasters to disable their hijacker ship and, using a tractor beam, grabbing a container or cabin with the goods/kidnapped person, take it back to the station that you got the mission from to get your reward.

While you have the goods in your Cargo Space, pirates will follow you around everywhere to try and shoot you down to get the cargo back. They even spawn in safe systems like Shima and Wolf-Reiser.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Use an automatic tractor beam to get the cargo faster.
  • Find the hijacker before you start firing to end the mission faster.
  • Use a cloak while finding the hijacker to get through the mission more safely.
  • If you can't afford an EMP weapon, wingmen could use EMP blasters to disable the hijacker.

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