Each space station has it's own news announcements that scroll across the bottom of the screen near the green "Leave station" button. While the announcements are usually humourous, they often contain hints as to where to buy certain ships or technology.

You can fast-forward or rewind the marquee by dragging it with your finger. The Kaamo Station doesn't have a news marquee.

Buntta SystemEdit

Arpalys Station:

  • Mido: Midorian collides with asteroid and is wiped out.
  • Modified models of the "Vol Noor" and "Wraith" are being offered for sale in the Nesla system.
  • Wanted: A Midoran named Waquor. He is accused of trashing a Space Lounge in a Buskat rush.

Ko-on Station:

  • Want to wear a smart uniform and travel with state of the art ships into battle? Sign-up for the Terran Navy today.
  • Poll: 58% of Vossk believe their government is useless.

Prospero SystemEdit

Marktesh Station:

  • The first pilot to ever break the light-speed barrier collides with himself. Both pilots died in the incident.
  • Buntta: An unknown individual has vapourised themselves in a Buskat rush. Trace identification has been unsuccessful.

Pan SystemEdit

Binon Station:

  • Poll: 19% of Nivelians think they are the prettiest in the galaxy.
  • Modified models of the "Vol Noor" and "Wraith" are being offered for sale in the Nesla system.

Coppolite Station:

  • This could be your advert.
  • Wanted: A Nivelian named Ymmt Effk. He is accused of divulging important military information to third-parties without official premission.

Emisto Station:

  • Wanted: A Midoran named Kitba Xetoon. He is accused of insulting high-ranking Terran officers.
  • The consumption of self-aware lifeforms is prohibited on this station.

Decimus Station:

  • New study: Heavy armament promotes violence.
  • Demonstrations for an end to the fighting between the Nivelian and Mido increase. On Sahi 1,948,000 Nivelians have already signed an online petition for a cease-fire.

Taygete Station:

  • The consumption of self-aware liveforms is prohibited on this station.
  • Cosmic warming: Terran Council subsidizes research on jump-drive emissions.
  • Wanted: A Terran named Kamom Ethor. He is accused of kidnapping dozens of Bobolians in order to conduct secret experimental projects.

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