Spectral Filter SA-1
Spectral Filter SA-1  S 


Spectral Filter

Tech Level


Show info


Show on radar


Known Price Range

-> 42,178$ (V'ikka)
-> 43,856$ (Behèn)

In-Game Description Edit

Originally, plasma filters were used for the observation of the spontaneous methane emissions of metabolic life forms. Soon after, however, they were also used for detection of rare gas clouds. The filter's false color rendering is based on the fact that intergalactic gas clouds have a higher optical density than the vacuum that surrounds them.


  • You get this Spectral filter for free in the course of the Supernova story line. Spectral filters are not available for purchase until you reach this point in the game.
  • This is the cheapest and the weakest type of filter available on the market in GOF.

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