FISHLABS released a soundtrack which can be seen here. It is downloadable for free, and also a Supernova soundtrack can be downloaded separate.


The soundtrack is numbered as followed.

  1. Deep Space Opener
  2. Sounds of Space
  3. The Story Begins
  4. Interception
  5. Space Opera
  6. Welcome to Terran Station
  7. Nivelian Gunpowder
  8. The Mido Alliance
  9. Vossk Territory
  10. There is Something out There
  11. Mido Homeland
  12. The Voids
  13. Valkyrie
  14. On Board
  15. Heartbeat of Home
  16. At Home
  17. After a Long Journey

Additionally, the Supernova tracks are as followed:

  1. Quantum Mysteries
  2. Heartbeat Radiation
  3. The Ambush
  4. Stealth Blades
  5. Evil Awakens
  6. Renegade Justice



  • Stealth Blades is a remix of The Ambush.
  • The titles of songs 1-17 were made up by Galaxy On Fire fan Alexander K.
  • The Supernova tracks' names were made by fans. The blog post is here.