Small Cabin
Small cabin 250
Small Cabin Module



Tech Level


Cabin size


Price Range

-> 2,486$ (Magnetar)
-> 3,170$ (Pan)

A small cabin allows passengers to be carried on your ship.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Passenger cabins allow for the transport of civilian space travelers, and are a prerequisite for taking on any of the lucrative transport missions.


Up to three passengers can be carried in a small cabin. Cabins cannot be combined to form larger cabins, meaning that a pilot will have to settle with smaller cabins taking up multiple spaces if a larger one cannot be found.

As the description says, cabins are needed before undertaking any passenger mission, whether it be by request from the space lounge or during certain missions in the Supernova storyline.

Sometimes, cabins can be looted from ships, suggesting that either they were carrying passengers or intending to carry passengers.


  • Although the item info page shows that there is only room for three people in this cabin module, you can clearly see on the item image that there are at least five seats installed in this module.

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