Sight Suppressor II
Sight suppressor cloak 250
Sight Suppressor II Cloaking Device



Tech Level




Loading speed


Energy consumption


Price Range

-> 23,856$ (Pescal Inartu)
-> 29,599$ (Eanya)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 65,146$(Ni'mrrod)
-> 65,146$(Ni'mrrod)

The Terran-made Sight Supressor II is a cloaking device, allowing a ship to turn invisible briefly.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Stealth generators can hide a ship from prying eyes almost completely. It lasts for a short time and is useful for sneaking up on enemies or quickly escaping dangerous situations. The Sight Suppressor II is an entry level model.


For two energy cells, a ship can turn invisible in 6.5 seconds and remain so for 20 seconds. While invisible, no other pilots are able to track your ship, therefore stopping all fire towards you. Interestingly, though, enemies are still unable to track you despite being able to see the projectiles and muzzle flashes coming from your ship.

Though its loading speed is slower than the U'tool and costs more energy cells to operate, the Sight Suppressor II is able to stay invisible longer and is the cheapest between the two cloaks. This cloak is good for pilots who like to strike without being noticed, but have either not found the Yin Co. Shadow Ninja blueprint or find it too easy to hide behind it for that long. The Yin Co. Shadow Ninja is highly recommended for missions later in the Supernova add-on, as it is in a different league to other cloaking devices.


The name Sight Suppressor II suggests that there may have at one point been a Sight Suppressor I.


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