Shrinker BT
Shrinker bt compressor 250
Shrinker BT Compressor



Tech Level




Known Price Range

-> 23,689$ (Prospero)
-> 28,571$ (Pan)

The Shrinker BT is a cargo compressor that increases a ship's available cargo space.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Shrinker BT reduces the size of non-organic goods and can save significant cargo hold space. Very few malfunctions have ever been reported, though the story of dealer Tulant Kheont is well known after he was unable to re-enlarge his shrunken explosive charges, and subsequently sold the miniatures as New Year's Day celebration fireworks at Himo. Apparently he made far more money selling the miniatures than he would have done selling common explosive charges.


As its name clearly states, a significant amount of cargo space is freed up through the Shrinker BT's compression method. In practice, this means that it adds 75% of a ship's base cargo space to its total. For example, if a ship comes with 100t of space, the addition of an Shrinkr BT increases it to 175t. The effects of compressors are additive: two increase it to 250t, three to 325t, and so on.

For about double the price of an Ultracompact, nearly double the effect is experienced. With multiple lower-performance compressors within one mighty compressor, valuable equipment spaces can be used for other purposes, including more Shrinker BTs.


  • Though the description briefly describes malfunctions from its compression method, no such mechanic exists in the game where equpping a compressor can corrupt a ship's cargo.
  • No such mechanic exists where cargo can be shrunk to give new items, so fireworks can never come from explosive weapons or commodities.
  • Despite the description mentioning "non-organic" goods are compressed, commodities such as Rare Plants are compressed as well.


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