Shima is a non-factious system, which contains the Kaamo Club station.



  • Shima is the only system that changes its System Security rating, being Dangerous until the player defeats the pirates that are besieging Kaamo, at which point the system becomes Secure.
  • Shima is also the only non-Deep Science solar system to have only one planet (not one station, however, as this title is shared with the Her Jaza system, which has only Valkyrie, though end game events change Her Jaza as well).
  • Shima's Kaamo station is unlockable once the pirates are defeated. It can be purchased for 50t of Buskat and 30,000,000$ or as an in game purchase. Once purchased it allows you to store items and additional ships.
  • Kaamo is the only planet to have 4 separate pirate stations. (These stations do not appear if you have bought Kaamo through an in-app purchase).
  • Shima is the best place for Green Plasma mining after you have defeated all the pirates in the area, as there are no pirates.
  • During the Supernova storyline, black guard ships sometimes follow you into this system, and other secure systems as well.
  • The Shima System is not availalbe in the PC version of the Game. Both the developers forum and the STEAM forum contain discussions where where the developers state this will not be added due to poor sales on the PC.