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In-Game Description Edit

This is Kyrrk's favorite ship. It's a brute force front gun fighter that hits hard and doesn't stop hitting. It can't turn very well and doesn't have the best engines. Sometimes I tell Kyrrk he should get himself something with a bit more speed. He tells me I should get a ship with a bit more claw. This has a lot of claw.

Entry #122 Saya's Space Fighter Facts! - Saya Nehiro

Characteristics Edit

A brutal, heavily-armored and heavily-shielded fighting machine, this vessel is a powerful new entry into the Vossk line. Like many of GOF3's new ships, it departs radically from the usual shape of Vossk vessels, while still clearly aligning with that faction. It has a somewhat wide firing arc, particularly on its second firegroup, mainly due to its impressive size.

Of course, all this raw strength has its drawbacks. The Shamash is fairly slow, can't turn easily, and has a rather small energy pool. Therefore, this ship's engines and reactor should be the first thing the player upgrades.

Trivia Edit

  • Shamash is the name of the Babylonian god of Justice and the Sun.
  • This is the second Vossk ship made available to the player, after the Na'Takath. Its blueprint is obtained by defeating Gr'Gath leader Sh'Gaal in the Trim.
  • Sh'Gaal, leader of the pirate gang Gr'Gath in the Trim, flies a heavily modified Shamash.