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The Shùma is an extremely powerful Nivelian-built bomb, enhanced by Deep Science. The bomb was originally made for destroying the Void Mothership, but the blueprints for this ultra-powerful weapon have recently been leaked onto the Black Market. The bomb may be time-consuming to produce, but the damage given off is capable of destroying entire stations!


  • Origin- Nivelian/Terran
  • Damage- 6400
  • Speed-200 km/h
  • Range- Infinite until collision
  • Firing rate- Every three planets visited (in at least 2 different systems).


  • Price: 2,576,429$
  • 200t Explosives
  • 135t Nanotech
  • 50t Comm. Devices
  • 88t Titanium Core
  • 50t Plastics
  • 20t AMR Extinctor
  • 50t Electronics
  • 75t Radioactive Goods


  • This is the bomb used to destroy the Void Mothership.
  • This is the only weapon capable of destroying stations.
  • This bomb was thought up by the Wiki user Gunant Breh.
  • When the bomb explodes, the station destroyed become similar to the debris at Luur and Valpatro.