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"If I could spit rage upon you, your very souls would burn!"

Sh'Gaal was a Vossk female, and was the leader of the Gr'Gath pirate gang. She was active during the events of Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore.


She was behind the pirate attacks in Act One, and ultimately responsible for The Shattering. It is revealed at the end of Act One that she set off the Glow-infused bomb, obliterating the planet it was located on. After endless informant and mini-boss hunting, she is killed by the player, following a hefty battle. During her final moments, she reveals that although she set off the bomb, it was in fact Khador who built it.

Her plan was to overload the core of a Vossk military outpost with experimental Glow weaponry. Overloading would result in the obliteration of the entire Trim sector, apparently. To show off her power, she kills Alexander $#$%^* in cold blood.

Sh'Gaal is extremely strong, and has a large following of wingmen during her fight. She uses from and rear weapons, missiles, multi-bombs, and has drones that regenerate her shield, they must be taken out to kill her. She also has an impenetrable shield which she uses whenever the player must destroy a generator on the station. To balance it out, on your side, along with your wingmen, is The Manticore itself, along with other fighters.

She is located at Thorn, Trim.


  • Interestingly, Sh'Gaal shares her name with the Sh'gall blaster.
  • Alongside that fact, her ship is also named Sh'Gaal, equalling at least 3 Sh'Gaal's in the Galaxy on Fire universe.
  • Her name means 'scar'.
  • Sh'Gaal has a very explosive personality. During her fight, she screams things like "I will bathe the stars in your blood!". That woman obviously has a problem.
CGI Launch Trailer

CGI Launch Trailer

Although not being a random pirate in-game, it is what Sh'Gaal is portrayed to be here.