Rhoda Vortex
Rhoda vortex 250
Rhoda Vortex's Protofly Saliva Container


Time Extender

Tech Level




Loading speed


Known price range

->344,146$ (S'kolptorr)
->370,064$ (Y'mirr)

The Rhoda Vortex is a device with the ability to slow down time around the person using it.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Known for their paradox developments, the Rhoda company has launched another incredible product on the market. During quantum radiation, a secretion extracted from the saliva of the Prosperian protofly generates a dilation field that slows down time for the user.


When leaving a space station with the Rhoda Vortex installed, a button with a clock face appears on the left side of the screen, in the same location as the fast forward button when on autopilot. Pressing the clock-faced button instantly slows down or extends the player's perception of time in flight by about 50 percent, with warping noises accompanying the activation and deactivation of the device. While the effect is stated to last for 15 seconds,
Control layout

iPad Control Layout

only 7.5 seconds actually pass outside the area of effect.

Everything during flight is slowed down, making tasks requiring sharp reflexes significantly easier, like dodging enemy fire, landing precise shots, stabilizing mining lasers, hacking, and gathering plasma. This comes at a cost of travelling through space slower, and the duration of the effect could be wasted on simply turning 180 degrees to chase a target.

From how the button behaves, the Rhoda Vortex seems to be only for combat situations. The button disappears while mining, hacking, and fast-forwarding. However, it can be made to slow down non-combat tasks by pressing the clock-faced button right before the player performs the task. For example, if a player has trouble mining, he or she should press the clock-faced button about 200 metres before landing on the asteroid.

Some players may see the Rhoda Vortex as a luxury due to its late introduction and its prohibitive price.


  • Fast-forwarding while under the effect of the Rhoda Vortex causes the perception of time in flight to be faster than normal, but not as fast while exclusively fast-forwarding.


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