These are freelance missions avalible in Galaxy on Fire 3D and Galaxy on Fire 2


You will find a person in the space lounge or on the missions page depending on wether you are in GoF1 or GoF2 who will ask you to hunt down a person. The revenge mission are personal and will not affect your standing. Wanted missions will affect your standing. The people you are after will have an escort wing depending on the game and the person themselves have enhanced armor which takes a much longer time to penetrate than normal ships. Their weapons are also more powerful and will deal more damage must faster.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • In GoF1, the primary target's trial is red and the escort's are yellow. Go after the primary taget first to finish the mission faster.
  • In Gof2 hit the primary target with a powerful EMP, such as the EMP GX DL, to stop the enemy. Then merely hit the enemy with missiles and powerful weapons
  • In Gof2 you could also use a boost to fly past the enemy once it is in sight, then continually pound it with any primary weapon, nukes or mines.

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