The reputation mechanic in the Galaxy on Fire series measures how friendly or hostile Keith T. Maxwell is to a faction based on his actions towards it.

Loyalty in Galaxy on Fire 3DEdit

The conflict throughout Galaxy on Fire 3D is between the Terran Federation and the Vossk Empire. This is reflected through a bar with a mark that shows Keith's loyalty relative to the two factions, with the Vossk at the left, green end and the Terrans at the right, yellow end. Completing missions offered by one faction demonstrates increased loyalty to it (decreased loyalty to the other), and the mark comes closer to that faction's end. However, with increasing loyalty to a faction, Keith must pay a bribe so he can dock at an opposing faction's planet or space station.

NOTE: Accepting missions from Noid Trillyx can decrease your loyalty to the Terrans but not completely. (A good way if you need to balance your reputation with the Vossks.)

Reputation in Galaxy on Fire 2Edit

Thirty-five years later, the Vossk and the Terrans are still enemies, but after the events of the Nivelian Civil War, two more factions are at ends: the Nivelian Republic and the Mido Confederation. Simlar to the Loyalty Meter, the Reputation Meter determines your loyalty to the Terrans, Vossk, Nivelians and Midorians. By completing missions offered by Terrans, your reputation to the Terrans goes up and your repuation to the Vossk goes down and vice versa. If your repuation is too far in favor of one faction, you will need to pay bribes in order to dock at the opposite faction's stations, and that faction's ships will appear as enemies in your HUD. Also, you can earn a standing bonus for missions depending on your reputation. The same rules apply to Nivelians/Midorians.

You can also change your reputation by paying diplomats in the Space Lounge, or counter the effects of bad reputation with Signatures.


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