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Red Plasma






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In-Game Description

A special kind of gas cloud plasma characterized by its red glimmer. It is very unstable and likely to explode if exposed to concussion. Can only be found deep in Vossk territory.

More precisely, it can be found in any Vossk system other than the border systems of V'ikka and Oom'bak.


Due to the difficulties in transporting it, players are advised to take great care in beginning construction of Blueprints that require it as an ingredient.

  • Because it cannot be transported via Khador Drive, any such blueprints begun in the Mido or Beidan systems would be impossible to complete.
  • All but one of the systems in which it is available are ranked "Dangerous", increasing the risk of trouble transporting it long distances. The sole exception is S'kolptorr, which is merely "Risky". That arguably makes it the best place to harvest and use Red Plasma.

It is best to start the construction of a blueprint which involves the usage of red plasma inside a station in Vossk territory, where red plasma can be easily harvested. Other ingredients can be transported to the aforementioned station.

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