Purchase is a freelance mission for Galaxy on Fire 2.


You are asked by a person in the space lounge to find X quantity of Y items. These people will pay you money to go out and find the amount of that item and then return with it.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • These missions are excellent if you do not have the credits to start trading. Due to a glitch, if you reject the offer and talk to the client again, the item requested will be different. As the prices offered are usually above twice the market value, selling high-value commodities such as Organs, Implants, Collectible Figures, Vossk Organs, Rare Animals/Rare Plants, Buskat and the like will earn a large amount of money.
  • The best way to abuse this once you have enough credits is to stock up on vossk organs every time you see them, and slowly sell them off to these clients. They will net you more than 5mil credits
  • If you own the Kaamo Club, you can stock a variety of commodities and simply tap from there to quickly finish these missions.

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