Pulsed Plasma Thrust
Pulsed plasma thrust 250
Pulsed Plasma Thruster


Steering Nozzle

Tech Level




Known Price Range

-> 27,388$ (Y'mirr)
-> 31,015$ (Nesla)

The Pulsed Plasma Thrust increases the maneuverability of a ship.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This very powerful control nozzle makes even the heaviest ships a breeze to handle. For safety reasons, the Pulsed Plasma Jet is sold with an additional padded headrest. It's also advisable to secure all cargo and avoid carrying live stock with this upgrade.


When installed, the force of a Pulsed Plasma Thrust will augment the steering of a ship, reducing its turning radius. This, in numbers, means that it adds 130% of a ship's handling to its total. A ship with 100 handling will have 230 handling with this thruster installed. The Rhino, having the lowest handling of 30, will have 69, and the Dace, having the highest handling of 162, will have 373 (372.6).

As the thruster's description indicates, this thruster is ideal for low-handling ships so dodging concentrated enemy fire will be significantly easier.

Equipping this will greatly increase how well the ship can dodge, so adding this to a ship with great mobility (such as VoidX or Dace) will help it avoid many shots and can even help it get past the pirates of Loma.

The Pulsed Plasma Thrust is recommended for ships with 100 handling or less but can be used with any ship and will show a noticeable improvement in dogfights.

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