A person seeking protection of his mining crew.

Protection is one of the many freelance missions in Galaxy on Fire 2.


Though there are many missions that can fall under the term "protection", this particular kind is what Galaxy on Fire 2 defines as "protection".

A person in a space lounge will offer payment for protecting mining ships near a space station. The location of this conflict is often at another planet or system. Should the player accept the mission, the gray freelance mission marker will appear at the system and planet where it occurs.

Upon reaching the designated planet, the player will see a group of pirates approaching mining ships in the middle of their work. The player must shoot all of the pirates down before they shoot down all of the mining ships. With the introduction of repair beams in the Supernova add-on, the friendly ships can be repaired with one installed on the player's ship, making the mission easier. When the player completes this mission, the promised credits will be immediately transfered to his or her account.

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