Previous Polls and ResultsEdit

What is your reaction to Keith T. Maxwell returning in GoF3? Conclusion: Bottoms up for that drunkard! About damn time! (36 votes)

It might be a good thing, but it might be a bad thing (2 votes)

I don't really care (1 vote)

No, not that drunk bastard! (9 votes)

Who in the galaxy is Keith T. Maxwell? (0 votes)

Total votes: 47

Would you rather GoF3 be... Conclusion: We would prefer a paid game instead of a freemium game model.

Freemium (Free download, many in-app purchases) 36

Paid game (moderately high price tag, few/no in-app purchases) 48

Total Votes: 84

Do you pay the fee for entering Loma? Conclusion: We don't like Pirates and their fees.

Yes 54

No 191

Total Votes: 245

Have you killed a Most-Wanted criminal? Conclusion: We are skilled vigilantes.

Yes                               18 

No                                  3 

Everyone of them       24

Total Votes: 45

Are you a millionare in GoF2? (Be Honest) Conclusion: We are rich spacers.

Yes                               33   

No                                3

Total Votes: 36

What was the highest difficulty setting you finished standard GoF2 (no-addons) Conclusion: Mostly mixed.

Missions 25
Easy 90






Have not finished yet


Total Votes 360

What is your preferred way of making credits? Conclusion: It's a mixed bag.

Missions 25
Trading 19


Manufacturing blueprints




2+ of the above


Total Votes 186

Total Playtime (Go to the "Status" screen to check)? Conclusion: In the mid-time section.

>1 hour 2
1-5 Hours 2
5-25 Hours


25-75 Hours


75-150 Hours


150-250 Hours


250-500 Hours


1000+ Hours 9
Total Votes 185

What are you most excited for about GoFA? Conclusion: That it's a new GoF game.

New GoF Game 47
Multiplayer GoF 17


New Units/Buildings


Alliance "Wars"


Total Votes 74

Games beyond GoFA/GoF3? Conclusion: Obviously.

Yes! Can't wait for more GoF! 162
Yes. But with new characters or timeline. 8
No. Fishlabs should work on other titles.


Depends on how good GoF3 and GoFA are.


Total Votes 186

Favorite Station Security Rating? Concluson: We like to live dangerously.

Secure [Green] 20
Average [Yellow] 6
Risky [Orange]


Dangerous [Red]


Total Votes 116

Which of the two new capital ships should we be able to destroy? Conclusion: Vossk Battle Cruisers on the run!

Terran Carrier 7
Vossk Battle Cruiser 41
Total Votes 48

Favorite of the three new ships? Conclusion: Terrans for the Win! 

N'Tirrk 13
Dark Angel 168
Ghost 61
Total Votes 243

How do you feel about the decision to make Supernova the last GoF2 Add-on?? Conclusion: New Game Please

I like it, can't wait till GoF3 126
I don't like it, it ended too abruptly 31
Unsure 18
Total Votes 175

Do you like Supernova? Conclusion: Yes

Yes 155
No 5
Maybe 5
Total Votes 165

What's your favourite upcoming Supernova feature? Conclusion Ships and Weapons

Irradiated systems 7
New Ships/Weapons


New Minigames 3
Bounty Hunting/Most Wanted 9
Leech Beam 2
New Medals 2
Total Votes 96 

Favorite Freighter Ship? Conclusion: Terran and Nivelian

Mido 7
Nivelian 25
Terran 25
Vossk 19

Total Votes


Favorite NPC? Conclusion: Mkkt Bkkt and Carla!

Carla 45
Alice 4
Khador 4
Mkkt Bkkt 45
Gunant Breh 3
Christine Hammond 1
Cornelius Tenner 1
Erkkt Uggut 5
Brent Snocom 2
Taret Orskk 1
Norris Bernard 1
Total Votes 113

Supernova requested feature? Conclusion: Capital Ships

Battle Cruisers 30
Fleet Battles 8
Rocket Turrets 2
Planet Landings 2
Total Votes 42

Next Addon? Conclusion: Second Nivelian Civil war

Second Nivelian Civil war     137

Return of Voids                    76

Second Terran-Vossk war     57

Others                                 38

Total Votes                         308

What is your new playable race? Conclusion: Voids Rock

Terran 66
Vossk 55
Nivelian 21
Void 153
Bobolian 8
Grey 17
Octopod 14
Total Votes 334

What is your favorite faction? Conclusion: Aliens get no love.

Terran-small Terran 89
Vossk-small Vossk 53
Nivelian-small Nivelian 40
Void-small Void 35
Mido-small Mido 12
Pirate-small Pirate 9
Total Votes 238

Were you satisified with the Valkyrie DLC ? Conclusion: Most people loved it!

Yes! It was fantastic! 49
No! I want my money back! 2
It's OK I guess. 5
Total Votes 56

Favorite new feature of Valkyrie. Conclusion: Kaamo was worth all the buskats!

New Vossk ships 3
New Deep Space ships 5
Auto-turret 10
Guided missile 4
Owning your own station 13
Others 4
Total Votes 39

Favorite End-Game Ship. Conclusion: S'Kanarr received much deserved love!

Aegir 3
Mantis 6
Nuyang II 2
S'Kanarr 33
Veteran 19
Nemesis 21
VoidX 10
Total Votes 94

Do we think Keith T. Maxwell will Return in GoF3? Conclusion: We think so, because we love him.

Yes, I want him to! 144
Yes, but I'd rather he didn't 12
No, but I want him to... 23
No, good riddance to that drunkard! 11
Total votes: 206

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