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Spoiler Alert!

This article contains plot details about Galaxy on Fire.

The Plasma Array was the key role into reversing the supernova in the Supernova add-on. It was designed by Thadellonius Moonsprocket and constructed by the Deep Science team. Its main components are Chromo Plasma, and the Paréah prisms.
IMG 0129

The Epic Finale.

The original Plasma Array was destroyed by an armada of Stealth Fighters. The plasma igniters were still salvageable, and were fitted onto the Valkyrie (Station) after Alice "agreed" to hand it over.


The Array was used to reverse the supernova in the Ginoya system.
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"Ah, cruds! I've been hit! I never wanted it to come to this, I just wanted my station back! Ah, to heck with it. Send my little sister my love." ~Alice Paolini's final words.


  • When fired, the Array creates a circle of plasma in front of it. The plasma forms in a clockwise direction, until it reaches its starting point. The circle forms approximately 1.1km away from the array, which then stretches into the center of the desired sun from which the Supernova appeared, creating a screaming sound as it reverses the sun.
  • In the SD version, the plasma formed is yellow. However, in HD and Full HD, the plasma is red.


  • The Destruction of the Plasma Array
  • The Destruction of the Plasma Array
  • The Destruction of the Plasma Array
  • The Destruction of the Plasma Array
  • The Destruction of the Plasma Array
  • Concept Art
  • Concept Art

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