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A Voids' planet

A planet is a celestial body that orbits around a star. Planets may or may not be inhabited or have a Space Station in their orbit.

Planets in Galaxy on Fire 3DEdit

In Galaxy on Fire 3D, not every planet had a space station nor did each space station orbit around a planet. Each planet, alongside with space stations, had a place to acquire new missions and view the map to travel to another space station or planet. Some, but not all, planets/space stations had a shop where the pilot could trade items including loot, ships and weapons. However, when a mercenary earns 1 million credits, each one of them gains a shop.

Planets in Galaxy on Fire 2Edit

In Galaxy on Fire 2, each planet is part of a star system. There can be as many 5 planets in the system. A pilot could fly directly from one planet to another in the same system without using a hyperdrive or jumpgate. Not all planets have a space station orbiting them and pilots could not land on planets directly.


  • The planets Epigome, Dis, and Taygete and some others look like real Earth turned upside down. A part of Eastern hemisphere can be seen on their surface.
  • Not all planets have unique designs, such as Zepar, P'erkka and G'ukkion having a cracked, fiery appearance and Binon, B'akkram and others having an appearance similar to Earth's moon.