Phoenix SIS
Phoenix sis 250
Phoenix Shield Injecting System


Shield Injector

Tech Level


Plasma Consumption


Known price range

-> 518,996$ (Prospero)
-> 535,304$ (K'ontrr)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 872,969$ (Weymire)
-> 917,210$ (Ni'mrrod)

"I've been looking for the blueprint for a shield injector for almost a decade and now I finally found it."

-- Keith upon discovering the Phoenix SIS blueprint

The Phoenix SIS (or Phoenix Shield Injecting System) quickly refills a depleted shield mounted on a ship.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Shield Injector automatically charges empty shields with energy. In order to do so, a certain amount of blue plasma is required.


When the shield of a ship has depleted from sustained critical damage, the Phoenix SIS immediately activates to recharge the shield within five seconds, an approximation the item's info page does not specify. However, any damage absorbed will still deplete the shield while recharging, taking up a little more time to fully charge. It is possible to have an "infinite" shield as the recharging mechanic stops only when it reaches 100%, provided that the rates of damage taken and shield regenerated are equal. As long as at least 30t of blue plasma is in the ship, the SIS can continue to recharge the ship's shield indefinitely.

Heavy firefights were in mind with the Phoenix SIS, as recharge and repair times for shields and Ketar Repair Bots are notoriously slow. A common tactic after taking massive damage is to either boost away from the attacking ships, activate a cloak, or both, so that protection can regenerate. Five seconds can decide whether concentrated fire will punch through armor and hull protection or will activate the SIS so a pilot can retaliate quickly.

This great power, however, comes at huge costs: The blueprint requires one Chromo Plasma, requiring great patience and resources, and the 30t needed to recharge the shield once cannot fit smaller ships (Betty, Cicero, Hatsuyuki) without the need of cargo compressors that can take up valuable equipment slots. Also, for pilots concerned with trading, 30t or multiples of it is very significant. Players and their individual playstyles must decide for themselves whether the time and space is worth having a Phoenix SIS installed.

The SIS can be either very useful or near-useless depending on when it is found during the Supernova storyline.


The blueprint for this Shield Injector can be obtained by docking on a wrecked Nivelian freighter's container just past the asteroid field near the Shelén Station in the Paréah system after the Supernova DLC has been installed.

For 1t Phoenix SIS:


  • The name and nature of the Phoenix SIS alludes to the bird that can rise from its ashes.


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